Sr. KG Syllabus

Sr. KG Syllabus 




English Language Listening and Speaking

  • Listening to the stories and retell and recall the events in the stories
  • Shares personal details and emotions with the groups
  • Shares observations related to the theme
  • Participating in word games
  • Participates in singing rhymes
  • Participate in conversations. Ask questions for further understanding
  • Use words in focus to express in sentences
  • Narrate stories
  • Sustain attentive listening for extended period of time
  • Read short stories through pictures
  • Dramatization




English Language

Reading and writing

  • Build, read and write CVC words through blending letters
  • Read and write sight words
  • Read and write short simple sentences.
  • Recognize and read words related to theme
  • Identify onsets and make rhyming words
  • Re-organization of diagraphs
  • Introduction of questions beginning with ‘Is’
  • Introduction of sentences beginning with ‘this’ and ‘that’
  • Concept of one and many
  • Picture writing
  • Use of preposition ‘in’, ‘on’ and ‘under’
  • Identification of vowels and consonants


Pre math

  • Understanding and demonstrating the concepts of big-small, light heavy, inside –outside etc.
  • 2D and 3D shapes. 9 flat and solid shapes






  • Recognition and writing numbers( 1 – 100)
  • Missing numbers ( 1 – 50)
  • Before, after and between numbers (1 – 50)
  • Backward counting (1 – 10)
  • Number names (1 – 20)
  • Telling the time in hours
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Greater than , lesser than and equal to (1 – 20)
  • Addition and subtraction (1 - 9 )
  • Days of the week
  • Introduction of number line.





  • 1. Marvelous Me                          2. My Senses
  •  3. My Family                                 4. Out in the Garden
  • 5. My Incredible Body                   6. Jobs People Do
  • 7. Neighborhood                           8. Safety
  • 9. Amazing Animals                     10. Story Fun
  • 11.Transport                                 12.Money Magic
  • 13. Toys                                        14. Marvelous Machines
  • 15. Celebration Time



Hindi Orals

  • Recognition of Swar
  • Recognition of Vyanjan
  • 2,3, & 4 letters words
  • Recitation of poems with action
  • Listening to the Story and discussing the main events of the story
  • Name of the fruits, vegetables, flowers and colours(5 each)


Hindi writing

  • Related to Swar and Vyanjan


Sr. K.G. Overall Development Skills

Knowledge and

Understanding Of the World

  • Show curiosity, observe and investigate
  • Identify cause and effect relationship
  • Differentiate between past and present.
  • Solve simple problems
  • Notice similarities and differences



Creative development

  • Pretending roles and expressing emotions
  • Make believe with objects by using real life objects in pretend play
  • Use construction materials
  • Explores colours/textures/art material to display creativity and imagination
  • Express interest in music through body movements and expressions
  • Answer open ended questions spontaneously with use of imagination


Physical development

Gross motor

  • Show balance while walking
  • Run with confidence and in safety
  • Jump with confidence and in safety
  • Hop with confidence and in safety
  • Climb up and down
  • Move and respond through rhythmic movements
  • Display throwing, kicking and catching skills


Physical development

Fine motor

  • Control small muscles in hands and coordinate eye-hand movement to accomplish threading, tearing-pasting tasks
  • Use simple tools for drawing and writing
  • Coordinate eye-hand movement to explore and use manipulative materials


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Demonstrate self identity and a positive sense of self
  • Demonstrate safety sense
  • Follow rules and routines
  • Select and complete tasks
  • Attend to personal care (washing hands, visiting the toilet, removing and wearing shoes, dressing up)
  • Initiate and maintain interactions at school
  • Recognize and respond to feelings