Jr. KG Syllabus

Junior K.G. Syllabus 

English Language

Listening and Speaking

  • Listening to the stories and trying to narrate
  • Recalling the main characters from the story
  • Singing and doing the actions of rhymes and songs
  • Basic Conversation in English
  • Words in focus


English Language

Reading and Writing

  • Identifying own name in print
  • Recognizing big and small alphabets with sounds and pictures
  • Blending letters with initial sounds
  • Reading CVC words and sight words
  • Drawing pictures related to alphabets
  • Writing alphabets & CVC words independently
  • Exploring books(Eng lab activity)


Pre Math concepts


  • Use of long-short/ big-small concept, sequencing, matching and sorting objects
  • Fixing 4 to 6 pieces jigsaw puzzles
  • Participating in numbers games
  • One to one correspondence




  • Constructing shapes- Circle, square, rectangle and triangle
  • Oral Counting (1-100)
  • Recognition & Writing Numbers( 1-50)
  • Number value-count and draw (1-10)
  • Count and Match the Numbers(1-20)
  • Before, after and missing numbers (1- 20)




  •  1- A Special Person Called Me   2- My Family
  • 3- Home sweet home                      4- Will you Be my Friend
  • 5- Jobs people Do                           6- Holidays
  • 7- Caterpillars and butterflies         8-My world in colours
  • 9-Shapes                                        10-Seasons
  • 11-Transport                                   12-Life around Me
  • 13-Chirpy birds                              14-The Magical World Under Water
  • 15-Sun, Moon and Stars


  • Introduction of  Hindi through story, conversation and rhymes  with actions(basic intro of Hindi as a language only)


Junior K.G. Overall Development Skills-(2011-2012)

Knowledge and

Understanding Of the World

  • Explore the environment through sense organs
  • Similarities and differentiating objects
  • Use of reasoning skills and imagination
  • Show interest & ask questions to seek further information


Creative Development

  • Participate in role play
  • Answering questions creatively
  • Collage work
  • Constructing and creating 2 dimensional structures


Physical Development-

Gross Motor

  • Running, jumping, hopping, throwing and crawling independently
  • Balancing games
  • Cross obstacles with coordinated movements
  • Climbing up and down
  • Play on slides and jungle gym



Fine Motor Development

  • Clay moulding
  • Creative drawing
  • Clouring, pasting and printing independently
  • Paper Tearing and paper crumpling
  • Building blocks
  • Transferring and segregating pulses independently


Personal, Social Emotional-development

  • Participating in group sharing
  • Expressing freely likes and dislikes
  • Taking initiative & showing interest
  • Waiting for his\her turn
  • Co-operating with others
  • Participates in cleaning up routines
  • Demonstrating a sense of pride in own achievements
  • Recognizes other’s feelings & responds